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November 2011



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Let It All Burn

ruuger in babylon5contest

Deconstruction... entries

For once I'm early with my icons because in the last challenge I forgot to post my entries before the deadline.

I hope I got all the limitations right, give me a holler if I didn't (and border brushes count as brushes, right?).

1 2 3 4

The table was created with 77words's wonderful Icon Table Generator

Fonts: Bud Hand and Garamond

eta: _dropdeadred, I just noticed that we had rather similar idea for one of the icons, and if you want, I can make a new icon to replace mine.


These are beautiful ... I love the crisp look you get on them, it really brings out the depth in the picture (especially in the Franklin/Garibaldi one!) ... =)
Thank you :)
I like yours better than mine so perhaps you should... just kidding lol! Don't worry about it :)
Hee :) And thanks.
I noticed that these icons and lyrics are inspiring everyone to sort of do similar icons. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. It shows how different creative minds can make the same images different :)

I like icon #3 :)
We need more reminders.

I hope we'll still get to see the icons you made. :)
Well, it wasn't so much a problem of not having enough advance warning as me not remembering what weekday it was. I saw the final reminder, but I thought we still had one day more to post the icons than we actually had.
If you remembered everything then you'd be too near perfection.

*Jaw drop* Number two is so beautiful! Your framing, colour and text fit so seamlessly together. =D!!!
Thank you :)