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Week 17

Wow, I've been absent for a bit. At least, it feels that way. These are some of the only icons I've made in the last two or three weeks, actually. Yikes.

Anyway. I was in a bit of a silly mood as I made these (not so much now, since the computer froze up on me twice in the last 15 minutes), which should explain the goofiness of these two icons. I didn't do Galen and... what's-her-name since I haven't watch "Crusade" yet. I don't know what their deal is, so I didn't do anything with them.

Lt. Corwin

Font is Desyrel. It says, "Corwin wub liek whoa!" in fangirl-speak. *g* Because Corwin needs some fangirls, too.

Not our Susie

Yes, this one is very silly. The song, "If You Knew Susie" popped in my head (you know, the old Eddie Cantor song... though I think of it as sung by Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra), and I just had to do something with it. So... I did. The fonts are Paddington and Chaparral.

I'm feeling lazy (and forgetful), so any brushes or whatever I used are all in my resource post. *is considering tagging this entry, but... maybe not* Any thoughts on tags, happyme?
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