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November 2011



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Not the One - cosmob (base by enriana)

cosmob in babylon5contest

Week 18

I've not been doing a lot of icons lately; I've been wrapped up in larger graphics and web design-y things. But, I had started on Zathras a while ago, so I finished him, and did Valen, too. So, here they are.

Just one cut for both because... oh, so tired.


Fonts: Manana, Romeo
Text: Nobody knows the trouble I've seen (Which doesn't quite suit the expression, but... meh.)


Font: Minbari2
Text: Become who you were born to be (Not that you can read it. The idea was that this is some ancient Minbari artifact, probably kept hidden by the Grey Council or something. So, it's sorta supposed not be a perfect artist's rendition. At least, that's what I'm telling myself.)

Resources are listed here. And I promise I'll try to do better and make lots of pretty icons for the new contest(s). *passes out*


According to one of the B5 books, Valen didn't allow perfect artist's renditions of himself.
I haven't read any of the B5 books, but I did try to make it not picture perfect, though reading my comment, I didn't make that clear. I think what I meant to say was that it's supposed to be a not perfect artist's rendition. I really shouldn't try to write anything at 4 in the morning.
Don't worry, I got it. Just pointing out the fact that you did it that way (deliberately imperfect) is actually backed up by B5 lore. That's very cool don't ya think? Your icon could be a Minbari artifact.
Oh, I see what you're saying. I appreciate the B5 lore backup, since I'm really rusty with all that stuff (I should watch the series more than just the one time, and get hold of the books and read them or something).

Perhaps I shouldn't post at 4 in the afternoon, either. ;)
I like the idea of the second one. :)