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Valen and Anna

Well, happyme is the boss of me, and she told me to make a Valen icon. So I did! I listen good!

I'm also putting my Anna icon in this post so I don't spam this poor community with posts today.


Font is... Copperplate Gothic Bold I think? And the big V is Broken Planewing.


Fonts are Copperplate Gothic Bold and Dali.

Lyrics are from Memory of You by Richard Shindell.
It says:
I hit the light
I’ll take my stand
Let’s have your best
Show your hand
The shadows run
And I see true
It’s just the memory of you

And since I'm so bored and always looking to introduce the fine artist that is Richard Shindell to poor unwitting innocents, here is a link to download the song.

Wow, long post! Sorry!

Tags: delenn_xi, week 18b - valen, week 19a - anna sheridan
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