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Week 2 - Banners

Sheridan & Delenn
Week 2 Sheridan & Delenn Gold grant_illusions
Sheridan & Delenn Gold Award grant_illusions

Week 2 Sheridan & Delenn Silver beeej
Sheridan & Delenn Silver Award beeej

Week 2 Sheridan & Delenn Bronze fifmeister
Sheridan & Delenn Bronze Award fifmeister

Week 2 Sheridan & Delenn Mod's Award muffinmonster
Sheridan & Delenn Mod's Award muffinmonster

Week 2 Bester Gold deadspeaker
Bester Gold Award misshallelujah

Week 2 Bester Silver grant_illusions
Bester Silver Award grant_illusions

Week 2 Bester Bronze muffinmonster
Bester Bronze Award muffinmonster

Week 2 Bester Mod's Award crazybee
Bester Mod's Award crazybee

I look forward to the rest of the Week 3 entries and your community icons. I wonder what you'll all come up with? You're all so creative and imaginative.

misshallelujah, have you got any ideas for your Week 4 cap choices?

Tags: banners, maintainer post, week 02a - sheridan and delenn, week 02b - bester

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