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November 2011



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Buffy Cold Day Cruel World

_happyme_ in babylon5contest

Nag - Where's the Dureena love?

We're a bit low or Dureena icons.

The caps are here.

You can make as many Dureena icons as you wish don't you know.

I love that scene where she's helps a friend and literally goes through mud to do so.

Please make some pretty Dureena icons. She's a super cool character :)


Sorry for the dumb question, but who the heck is Dureena? She's a Crusade character, I assume? I don't recall ever hearing of her before, but I've never watched any Crusade episodes.
She was the alien who'd had her homeworld destroyed by the Shadows (as featured in Call To Arms).
Ah, okay. I never saw Call To Arms either, sadly enough.
When is the contest up? I'll have LOTS of time starting Friday and I adore Dureena.

I'm keeping it open for a while. I'll give plenty of warning before closing.

I also need the time to work on my B5 vid.
ohhh a b5 vid?? (It just occurs to me that I've never seen any)

Anyway point, I made one but it's back in the first post I did, so as not to spam *G*
Real life. Sigh. I doubt I'll be posting a lot of icons before December, unless I somehow find some time to procrastinate, which doesn't seem very likely, though.
I'm a little worried about the whole thing of letting people submit more than one icon. For example - someone just submitted 4 - really awesome Dureena icons. They're guaranteed every single place (based on the quality so far) - so is that fair? I mean, it's a good theory - to let people make as many as they like - but when people are really awesome icon makers - it makes it hard for anyone else just to compete.

Just a thought...
Very good point, I'll make a post.
Thanks! I don't mean to be rude or anything - I LOVE this community! But I finally made an icon that I'm really proud of, and now I don't have a chance! *pouts*

I'll shut up now...LOL