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November 2011



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Harry P: Snape Map (princessbloomy)

whitestar in babylon5contest

Week 19 entry - Interludes and examinations

Here is my first contest entry ever, anywhere. Also it's my first icon I've ever made that's 100x100. I don't have any fancy paint programs with instructions, so I had to just stumble through what to do. It took me two days to make this one, and I still can't figure out how to make the text clear, so I gave up :( Please be gentle and don't laugh too hard OK? (running away to hide).

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Text says: "Dreams"
Font: Brock Script

Edited to add one more and because I like these versions better :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Font - Bremen Bold BT


Great job, and welcome to LJ!
Thanks :) I've been at LJ for a while now, but never had the courage to try to make an icon until I started to modify my journal. I can't wait to get a decent paint program...
Ah. When I read "first entry" I thought it was your first LJ post.

Get Photoshop if you can. :)
Personally I really like it... I have always liked Adira and Londo!!!
Thank you :) I like my idea, I just don't know quite how to manifest it in the best way yet. I had another idea with the Kosh icon, but I don't know how to animate :(
There is an easy animation program..Called Microsoft Gif Animator very basic and free.. it would be a good start.

After that there are a whole bunch of animation programs to be had at http://www.tucows.com some free some not.
Thanks, I'll look into it. I'm thinking I'll just hold onto the idea for the animated Kosh icon and submit a request some where to have it made. Or if anyone wants to try to animate the idea I have, and give me partial credit for the concept, lol ;) They can enter it into the contest if they want. I already have the icons cut to size. My problem is, I have the ideas but not the talent yet. My husband says give it time, but I'm impatient...sigh.
i think you did a really good job! and well done for giving it a go :D I realy like the second one :)
what program do you use to put the text on?
Thank you :) I've felt that if I ever entered an icon contest, Bab 5 would be the one I'd enter. Just because I'm a fan of the show, and because everyone is always encouraging and nice to each other about whatever icons everyone makes :)

As to the font program, it comes with my Microsoft XP. It's called Arc Soft PhotoImpression4. Crappy stuff that came with the computer and doesn't have any instructions what-so-ever except what button does what. That's why I think I was so frustrated trying to figure out from scratch how to do everything. I can't say that I'm anything but persistant though, lol. I have a great font program that lets me see all the different fonts I have and test out what they look like all together. It's called "The Font Thing". I like it so far, although I don't think it'll print fonts on icons.


Ahh know some of the wonders of Arc Soft PhotoImpression4, :) when I've finished baking my cake (in all seriousness) I'll see if I can figure out how to make font clear in there, just because now I can use PSP maybe something 'll pop out *shrugs* :)

Everyone is lovely here :)

Okay cake. :D

This is [Unknown LJ tag] by the way.
You're the first person I know who's heard of PhotoImpression besides me. If you ever find out how to make the font clear I'd love to know. In the meantime have some cake for me too :)
Now honestly the cake didn't take me *that* long to bake, :P in between then and now i just happen to forget I posted anonymous. It was me by the way.:) Hi.
Sorry though, my bad.
I wil first reccomend http://www.gimp.org/ it's a free program and easy to use :) You can get some great icons out of it! You could keep making your icons where you do and just use that for text :) (I cheat like that, I have NO IDEA how to do text in PSP :P)
Anyway this is how the text came out when I put it on in photoimpression...

I'm not sure if that's any better, if it is then we just need to know what I'm doing differently to you :)
It just looks like you have 'antialias' turned off, darned if I know how to frix it though :( I'm sorry.

Thanks for trying. I have made the text look like the sample you made but it's still not sharp. It gets worse when I shift the text to vertical. In the meantime I'll probably wait until Christmas to get PSP :) Photoshop is too expensive, and I'm not going to become a heavy duty graphics maker anyway. I've found a tuturial on how to crop with MS Paint so that's working out well. I want to figure out how to do the layers with PhotoImpression without loosing the quality of the original picture. Thanks for helping :)