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November 2011



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Vir Agony

_happyme_ in babylon5contest

Just gotta say

It seems that some members might be feeling intimidated by the quality of other entries.

I've just gotta say, this is a non-elitist community. It doesn't matter if you're the newest icon maker or have been using Photoshop for years. Those icons judged the best by your fellow members will get the banners true. To me, this community is about so much more than that. This community is everyone's chance to get into making icons. When I see someone post an entry for the first time or see someone come up with a new style/build upon their abilities, that's so much more important.

You may think another maker's entry is going to win. So what? Make an icon and submit it anyway. Each flame is unique. You all make a valuable contribution to the community, your own unique style, perspective, flair. I'm so much more impressed by the entries to this community that I am with those of many others. The originality here keeps things interesting. I think that this is seen even in the entries of the experienced icon makers - no one is bound by convention or the latest trends.

I admit that I've allowed multi-entries for some of the recent challenges - the In The Beginning, Interludes & Examinations and Dureena ones. I didn't think that we'd get many Dureena entries otherwise (it seems that a lot of yous have not seen Crusade for example). It's also good to make a set of icons for an episodic challenge. I'm sure that it must give everyone a sense of achievement.

I'm not going to even want to do multi-entry challenges each week. However, not being bound by the number of entries you can submit does allow you to take risks/experiment. So please do just that, have fun with it.

Yay for more Babylon 5 icons.

Caps Links:
Week 20 - Dureena Nafeel
Week 20 - In The Beginning

Week 19 - Interludes & Examinations
Week 19 - Number One (Tessa Halloran)
Week 19 - Anna Sheridan


:::as an aside:::
I'm antsy, let's vote.
I agree!!!!!!!! :)
you're such a good mod *hugs*
I get what you're saying. I'm just worried that people would be discouraged from entering if someone in particular submits a whole heap of really good icons. I know it's supposed to be just for the fun of making icons - but...yeah. I know you won't be doing it every week. *shrugs* I worry about the little people. It's a bad habit of mine. But whatever. It's all good.
Nah, you're right. I think that most of the active members here have won a banner though. Many of you are better than you think you are.