whitestar (whitestar) wrote in babylon5contest,

Week 22 - Thirdspace

Here's one of my entries for Week 22 - Thirdspace.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Serif fonts I used are: Attic ("Echo") and Courier New Bold Italic. It's a quote from the show, and says "an Echo from the past".

Image hosted by Photobucket.com The second icon font is: Black Chancery

Edited to add a second entry for critique. I saw aerynalexander's entries and how she used one word to define the icon. I'm trying to learn different techniques and ideas so I thought I'd try to see what this looks like. Could someone critique these icons and tell me what you think? Do you like one word icons or icons with lots of words? Have I positioned my words correctly? I tend to be a icon clutterer, lol. The more bells and whistles intriques me so I tend to overdo it. Thanks for any constructive criticism. And thanks to aerynalexander for getting me to try something different :)
Tags: lyta, week 22b - thirdspace, whitestar_alpha

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