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November 2011



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Garibaldi Chief

_happyme_ in babylon5contest

Mod Nag

Not had many entries for the Max Eilerson Challenge, so, I've removed the restriction on the number of icons here.

Seiously folks, there are lots of members who never submit anything. C'mon, one icon isn't gonna kill you.

And The Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place caps here.

A Race Through Dark Places caps here.

Thirdspace caps here.

Phoenix Rising caps here.


I don't want to sound critical or anything, but I think it makes it harder on people when there are no restrictions.

Because then the people who make lots of really high-quality icons win all the awards, and the other people who might not have made really good icons but who still put forth their best effort have no chance of winning anything.

I don't know. I'd feel more comfortable if we had the two-icon restriction back next time around. I don't make the best icons in the world, but it seems like a lot of people like my icons judging by the amount of awards I won last time, and it seems kind of unfair to everyone else. I feel like I'm hogging the awards.

Just my $.02. Feel free to totally ignore me.
Hon' if you deserve to win, you'll win. If newbies don't enter then they'll never stand a chance of winning because they won't improve.

We've had a lot of episodic challenges of late. I'd like a few more character challenges with less caps myself (thus less icons).
We've had a lot of episodic challenges of late. I'd like a few more character challenges with less caps myself (thus less icons).

I would have to wholeheartedly agree with that. The sheer number of caps is overwhelming for me, so I can't imagine how it is for you.
I just feel bad for the people who do enter and don't get a chance to win.

And I think it's better not to submit if you don't feel inspired or up to it than to submit because you feel you have to and just do a half-baked job, but that might just be me. ::shrug::

But I've run a few icontests myself, so I know how it feels when you can't get people to submit. I just try to keep in mind that not everyone in the community is going to submit an icon every week. It just won't happen.

Speaking of the challenges, are we allowed to do characters more than once? I think probably the reason why we've had less character challenges is because all the major ones have been done already.
We can absolutely do feature the same character, ship etc more than once.
Awesome. :D I was always kinda wondering that, but didn't get to ask.
So... if we already did two, we can now enter more? Yay! It was hard to choose only two to do...

But I do see where the above poster has a concern. If every entrant is limited to a certain number, it keeps one person from overwhelming the pool. It also makes voting tougher if there are tons of icons to choose from.

However, since I already had three other Max blanks ready to play with... :)
Go for it on the Mex Challenge. I doubt whether we'll have any challenge for him in the near future.
I agree whole-heartedly on the character challenges issue in the other replies to this thread. Those are ... well, not exactly more fun, but there is a certain aspect of pleasure in those because it's interesting to think more deeply about one specific character. It isn't as easy to do that with episode challenges. It's sort of shallow vs deep interpretation for me, I guess, and the deeper one can be more enlightening ... except when it's a character people might not like or know too well. Even then, I/we/they will live.

I'm officially a pretentious arse now. Excuse me.

Another part of the issue at hand, not enough submissions, might be due to people waiting to the last minute to submit. I know this isn't always possible, but having some sort of penciled-in deadline might encourage people to submit sooner. I'm too immature to wait myself, but...there you go.
I defnitely need a key to the caps so we know what's contained in each. I just thought that members wanted whole episode caps to keep.

With everyone back in school (or work) we really need to not have all these zips.

Thank you for commenting, really useful to have your input.
Just wanted to agree with those who said that all those zip files with hundreds of caps are rather overwhelming. I have serious time issues right now, so it's a lot easier for me to quickly choose one cap out of, say, five images and do one icon, instead of wading through all those zip files, trying to find a few caps I like, and then coming up with ideas, etc.

Decisions = time-consuming ;)