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Deadlines & Headlines

Week 21 entries need to be in by Wednesday 5 October.
And The Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place here,
Phoenix Rising here,
Max Eilerson here.

Week 22 entries need to be in by Friday 7 October
A Race Through Dark Places here,
Thirdspace here.

Info For Future Challenges
We can feature the same character/episode etc more than once.
If you win a Gold and just want a specific scene, no of caps etc etc please let me know, it's all cool.

Commuinity Info
This community has tags, you are welcome to use them for your own posts. If you want a tag for your username, please let me know.
Tags: challenge reminder, challenge update, maintainer post, week 21a - and the rock cried out, week 21b - max eilerson, week 21c - phoenix rising, week 22a - a race through dark places, week 22b - thirdspace

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