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November 2011



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Bones Angela Cute

_happyme_ in babylon5contest

Week 21 - Results

And The Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place

Gold Award - ruuger

Silver Award - aerynalexander

Bronze Award - aerynalexander

Copper Award Tie - muffinmonster

Copper Award Tie - whitestar

Tin Award - aerynalexander

Mod's Choice Award - g_shadowslayer

Max Eilerson

Gold Award - twisted_badger

Silver Award - aerynalexander

Bronze Award - ruuger

Copper Award - ruuger

Tin Award - _happyme_

Mod's Choice Award - tgikelly

Phoenix Rising

Gold Award - g_shadowslayer

Silver Award - himawari

Bronze Award - aerynalexander

Copper Award - _happyme_

Tin Award - jackzter

Mod's Choice Award - ruuger

Congrats to all. Gold awardees, please let me know your choices for Week 23.


Yay! *bounces off the walls*
Thank you!
*hugs everyone who voted*
*hugs everyone else because all the icons were fantastic!* :D

Re: Choices with less caps, I would like to pick Marcus and Ivanova scenes in... ahh 'Shadow Dancing' I think it is... or 'Between the Darkness and the Light'
You wouldn't happen to know which one of those (if it is in fact one of those) has Ivanova making a bed out of the tiny little Minbari pillows on the floor? Because I would very much like to be picking the scenes from that episode... I just can't find anywhere to confirm which one it is.
If you, infact, do not know what I am talking about, I shall go with Marcus and Ivanova scenes in 'Shadow Dancing' most please. :)
Thank you very much!!
Hello and congrats on your win. The one with the pillows is Between the Darkness and the Light. You can have both ep's if you like. It's your call.
No, it was Shadow Dancing, although isn't it the other one in which he runs his hand above her face? So sweet.
Yeah, Shadow Dancing is the one with the Minbari pillows, and Between... is the one where Marcus wakes Ivanova up on the whitestar bedrooms and she tells him that she now knows what he really said to her in Minbari in Shadow Dancing.
ahh thank you so much! and now I am torn, therefore, if it is at all possible I would like to pick 'Marcus and Ivanova scenes from 'Shadow Dancing' and 'Between the Darkness and the Light'

also, random: I feel like sharing :P my friend is moving into dorms soon and so I am making her watch all seasons and movies of Babylon 5 in one sitting to christen the house :P she's never seen it before so I hope she likes it because she's not getting out of it now :D
Ooh, thanks everyone :)

As for next week... how about Neroon? We haven't done Neroon yet, have we?
*squee!* Neroon is a great choice!!
And we're not the only ones who love Neroon, it would seem, as aerynalexander also requested him for next week in the other winners thread :)
Popular guy :D
I think you had stunning icons this week, your icons always amaze me. Very most wonderful.
Thank you :)
Awesome! Thanks for voting for my icons!

Um...I think Bronze for Phoenix Rising is mislabeled.
I really adored the icons you made for these rounds, beautiful work. Most moving and wonderful yes. :)
Thank you!

Thanks/Choice for Week 23

OMG! Thank you all so much! And congrats to the other winners! Wow -- I'm stunned :D There were so many beautiful icons in these challenges

So, since this is only my first full 'cycle' of participating, I have a newbie question -- when we pick the subject for the next challenge, do we have to make the screencaps for them? I can, I just need to know whether I'm supposed to or not :D

Either way, unless someone has some huge complaints (I don't know if it was already done or not), I pick 'And the Sky Full of Stars' :)

Re: Thanks/Choice for Week 23

I generally make and host the screencaps. I have all "babylon5verse" episodes and movies bar Legend of the Rangers (and I'm hoping to buy that when it's release this month). I think that it'd be too cruel to expect Gold winners to source caps.

Congrats on your Gold - no mean feat around here these days.

Now, for 'And the Sky Full of Stars' do you want the full ep' or do you have specific scenes and/or character interactions in mind etc?

Re: Thanks/Choice for Week 23

Oh, cool! That's really nice of you! (I get so carried away when I screencap that I end up with hundreds of caps...) And thanks! The quality of all the icons in this comm is stunning, so I feel really honoured to win!

Hmmn... Sky is my favourite Sinclair episode, so of course any scenes featuring him :) And any interactions between him and Garibaldi, Delenn (either present or in the flashback), or the Knights would be great! With a few nifty ship shots thrown in, too :D
I absolutely adore the Centauri Icon that won Silver for
And The Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place... and I can not praise it's creator enough as I laugh whenever I see it.
I second that adoration. Whenever I see it, I just keep wondering how it was made because it's just so very pretty.
Thanks! Dark red overly layer and a lot of luck. I haven't been again to repeat the effect to satisfaction. :(
Thank you! *blush*
Squuueeeee!!! I've never ever won an icon contest before! I can't believe it :D Thank you to everyone who voted for my icon and any of the others I entered. You have no idea how much this means to me. To know that I'm improving, and to have an icon that's good enough to be included with the icons of the other fantastically talented makers here at Bab5. I'm so happy! :D And I think it's very funny that both muffinmonster and I had the same icon subject and tied, lol.

And finally congratulations to all the other icon makers. You are all inspiring to me :)