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November 2011



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Prague another season

aerynalexander in babylon5contest

Week 23 Entry

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Commander Sinclair only had one season ( 3 eps) compared to Sheridan's four ( movies), so I don't think his contribution to the B5 universe was ever as solid in the minds of fans. Not as many memories. But the thing is, he always seemed more like a real space station commander to me. Eccentric, yet more serious, even a bit zen at times. I love the expression in this cap because it captures all of that. Good way to remember the-one-who-was.

I think I've perverted this challenge enough now. ;)

Resources: brush by bedazzling.

Font same.

Garibaldi changed so much after the first season (maybe not everyone sees it that way). And, yeah, for totally valid reasons. I guess being shot and in coma for a while does that. He lost not exactly innocence -- he was far from that, right? -- but something else. I'm not sure he got that back until the end. I like to think he did, but...you never know.

Anyway, good memories of much less heavy times.


It took me a long time to accept Sheridan because I was pining for Sinclair, so I understand. ^^;
Most people I talk to didn't like Sinclair for some reason, so that's very cheering to hear.

That's a gorgeous icon!

*whimper* It was solid in my mind. He's my second favourite character after Garibaldi, and I love what you said about him. So true!

Re: That's a gorgeous icon!

Thank you. I don't know that many people who liked Sinclair. It's weird.

Re: That's a gorgeous icon!

He's my roomie's favourite character -- but then she's always been more fond of the heroic types than me -- I like the badass seconds who back up the heroic types :D

Re: That's a gorgeous icon!

Really? I liked Sinclair. I thought he was the perfect Commander and was sad to see him go. But Sheridan was fine. I never got used to what's her name though. She just didn't seem to fit for me.

Re: That's a gorgeous icon!

Lochley? Yuck. She was so not cool.

Re: That's a gorgeous icon!

I concur. She was so strident, and the way she treated Sheridan...she made me mad. Then again, the entire fifth season made me mad; it didn't feel right, to me, like it didn't fit in with the feel of the first four. The magic was gone. =\

Re: That's a gorgeous icon!

I had the misfortune of seeing the fifth season first (then one through four), but in retrospect, there was a plastic, fake quality to that season by comparison. And, yeah, Lochley was really snotty at times.
I love your icon and write up.
Thank you!
Garibaldi lost Sinclair, who I always viewed as his most steady support. Without Jeff, it was only a matter of time before he fell... (And yes, I am a diehard Sinclair/Garibaldi slasher. They are my OTP.)
They're my favorite B5 slash ship too. ^_^

Garibaldi really needed Jeff.

Yeah -- *sniffle* The look on his face when he's watching the farewell message in WWE makes me cry...
And Jeff looking out at the stars on the Whitestar...that must have been so hard.
I really like that Sinclair icon. He's one of my favourite characters, and that captures him nicely. Plus the caption... I love what he became, later, but that first-season Sinclair, still so unaware of what was going to happen to him...

Really nice icon, great caption. Yeah.