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Week 23 Entry

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Commander Sinclair only had one season ( 3 eps) compared to Sheridan's four ( movies), so I don't think his contribution to the B5 universe was ever as solid in the minds of fans. Not as many memories. But the thing is, he always seemed more like a real space station commander to me. Eccentric, yet more serious, even a bit zen at times. I love the expression in this cap because it captures all of that. Good way to remember the-one-who-was.

I think I've perverted this challenge enough now. ;)

Resources: brush by bedazzling.

Font same.

Garibaldi changed so much after the first season (maybe not everyone sees it that way). And, yeah, for totally valid reasons. I guess being shot and in coma for a while does that. He lost not exactly innocence -- he was far from that, right? -- but something else. I'm not sure he got that back until the end. I like to think he did, never know.

Anyway, good memories of much less heavy times.
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