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November 2011



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twisted_badger in babylon5contest

::Week 23 Closing Reminder::

.submissions for.

'And A Sky Full Of Stars'



.will be closing @ 00:00:00 Wednesday December 21 - USA/Eastern time.

.many holiday wishes to you all.

edit: would you the people like this contest to stay open until after the christmas rush or finish it up and have new ones for the new year? i will extend the date if the tide swings that way.

thanking you

-co-mod twisted_badger


This is the first deadline I've seen on these - eek! What time is that on the east coast of the US, since I don't know when "now" is in relation to my "now" :O (It says 7:34pm 12/20, and it's only 3:20am 12/20 right now, so I'm... confused!)
Duh! I am rather dense sometimes. :)
I shall say it closes at '00:00:00 Wednesday December 21 in US/Eastern'
I'm sorry to confuse you, I tend to have that effect on people ;P
Hahahaha -- no problemo! Time zones freak me out :D

So, just to make sure I'm completely clear, Midnight Tuesday-to-Wednesday, or Midnight Wednesday-to-Thursday? (Some people go one direction, some go the other, and I don't want to assume!)
You're kidding right? Right before Christmas? I know we've had a long time, but I would've thought we would have had a couple warnings or a longer time warning time (like a week. And I thought this would end sometime after the Christmas hectic rush when we can devote more time to completing icons. This deadline just puts more stress on an already stressful time. I would like to get more icons done for these contests also, but can't really spare all the time before Christmas. Sorry, I just have to disagree that this time is not that great a choice.
No I wasn't kidding, at all. Not even a little bit. But being as wonderful as I am, I have no issues in taking what you have said into consideration, in fact, I'm quite fond of suggestions. This being my first act as a co-mod of anything. Anyhow I just looked at the entries and how long it was open and decided it was time to close. None of the icontests I am part of have ever had more than one warning, sometimes mid week and sometimes not. Then again almost all the icontests I have been a part of have been weekly.
Anyway, I will probably extend the deadline, i'll see what other people have to say.
Taking a look at your icon, I hope you didn't take my suggestion as an order. I think it's great that B5 doesn't run their contests like other communities. There's nothing that says it has to be run the same :) It could be that because of the holidays people just don't have the time right now to enter very many. Maybe that means they have no intention of entering icons until after the New Year, so it wouldn't matter if you extended the deadline or not (shrugs). I just know I enjoy entering as many as I can.
Yeah, technically, I would like more time, too. I have 8 bases prepared, but haven't had the time to do anything to them because I procrastinated and worked on icontests that did have a firm deadline. This one was 'open until sometime in the future' so I was bad and worked on other stuff...

It's my own fault, but I really do want to enter, so I'm going to try to get them all done tonight after work.
I have now closed the Neroon challenge and the 'sky full of stars' challenge will remain open until midnight on Friday.
Just to be different, and to show some love to our co-mod, I vote to end the contests. They seem to have been open for quite awhile, and I am anxious to get started on some new ones. So that's my vote.

Thank you!! I appreciate the love ::shows you love also yes::
I can't wait to see more of your icons, they really are amazing :)