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November 2011



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twisted_badger in babylon5contest


.this journal entry will brb.


Twisted_badger, I need some clarification on the closing time of entries. I just want to make sure I get my entries in on time. You mentioned that the ALDFA was closed on Tuesday 12:00 midnight wherever the icon maker lives. So does that mean:

1) The clock strikes midnight Tuesday, my time (it was just Monday 11:59pm a minute ago.)And you're just waiting for the clock to strike midnight for everyone else who is later in the time zones to close the contest.

2) It's Tuesday, and the clock is ready to strike midnight (my time) so that the day will be Wednesday and the contest is really ending at 12:00AM Wednesday morning for each different time zone.

The reason I'm asking is because if it's the second scenario, the contest is now closed, and it's only 8:21pm on a Tuesday here where I live. It's no where near midnight my time.

If it was the first scenario, then that means you where just waiting for all the other entries in the later time zones. Or allowed the entries to go on past the deadline. And I guessed right that you meant Monday night changing to the witching hour on Tuesday, lol.

Let me know if you were able to understand what I said, lol.
I was confused too. Additionally, the mod is in New Zealand, I think, so that's either one of the first or last places on earth for it to be midnight. I don't get the international dateline. Color me clueless.

Maybe designating an official contest timezone would help?

I vote for Geneva's time. ;P

Also, LJ is telling me I can't spell New Zealand.

*runs into wall*
My mistake, I thought twisted_badger was in the UK. So NZ is later than even the US West Coast in terms of Time Zones.

I kinda of vote we don't go with Geneva's time. I can't figure out all the differences in the time zones and it would just confuse me more. I like TB's idea of whatever our time zone is. Or we could make it whatever TB's time zone if that is even later than the majority of makers time zones and since Badger's collecting the icons.

Technically Midnight is the very first second of the following day, or 00:00:00am. So the ALDTA contest would have closed as soon as it was past Monday 11:59:59pm. Right now it's 11:19pm at my place and at midnight it will be Wednesday, not Tuesday. Midnight can be confusing, lol.
I think _happyme_ is in the UK. And it's Wednesday already where I am. The local time thing is probably the best way.
I'm in New Zealand yes, I think that is about +12 hours, so very earlier than everyone I am afraid, the reason i went with the makers time zone is, well, simply because time zone's confuse me... lol
Midnight is in fact confusing, and i shall now post a clrification post and what not. thanks :)

the international dateline is too much for my brain so i am now having my friend with a ... larger brain help me with a clarification post and what not :)

an official contest timezone will infact be chosen, honestly I should have done it earlier :) thank you for your comment!

also thank you for knowing how to spell new zealand, and that i live here :)
No problem. I'm glad to see that the polling and all seems to be going well. ^_^
I've added a World Clock to the contest's links.

You can specify a time and direct members to the link.
it is the second yes, and im just making a post now to clarify. totally my bad, and i am sorry :)
thank you for your comment!

Missed these icons

Re: Missed these icons

thank you!!