Just a C-47 (twisted_badger) wrote in babylon5contest,
Just a C-47

::Mod Note::

Regarding the clarification on the closing time of entries to challenges.

.submissions for.

'Week 24 - Between The Darkness And The Light'


'Week 23 - And A Sky Full Of Stars'

.have closed.

.and submissions for.

'Lyta' - Challenge

.will be closing on the 7th of January at midnight wherever you are.

midnight being the end of the 7th (11:59pm + 1 minute) and wherever you are being the place you live (meaning it will close at funky times for some of you because I am waiting for it to have been midnight everywhere)

I am sorry that I have been confusing and such, I am not very good with time zones, or, well... moding I guess. Please keep me up to speed with the stupid things I do so I may try to correct them :)
On a positive note, you should be able to vote for your favoutire Arthur icons in mere seconds!

co-mod twisted_badger
Tags: challenge reminder, challenge update, episodic, maintainer post, twisted_badger, week 23b - and the sky full of stars, week 24a - between the darkness, week 25 - lyta

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