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November 2011



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Filing Papers

_happyme_ in babylon5contest

Week 23 - And the Sky Full of Stars - Results/Banners

Gold Award - jackzter

Silver Award - ruuger

Bronze Award - whitestar

Copper Award - jackzter

Mod's Choice Award - g_shadowslayer

Well done folks and thank you to my co-mod twisted_badger for administering the contest.

To everyone who has won gold recently and has not yet had their choice of subject matter, please comment so that I can get onto making those caps.

You can also have lyric/words based challenges if you'd prefer (it's not as if there aren't lots of caps available ;)


Thanks and challenge choice (from Neroon win)

Wow! Thanks to the mods, and congrats to the winners! There were some really amazing icons in this challenge (which makes me really happy, because it was my choice of subjects :D )!

And for my first place in the Neroon challenge, I'm going to be predictable and choose Garibaldi and Sinclair (not required to be shown in the same picture because they weren't in the show, *muttergrumble JMS*) from War Without End parts 1 & 2. No quotes or lyrics required, unless someone can come up with something really cool. I'm pretty fried, so not coming up with anything myself...

I might have said the Shadows, but it's darned hard to get good shots of them and there's only so many icons of Shadow ships one can make...
Darn it! Why is it that when you post the banners I can't see them? I can see the banners when twisted_badger posted them. I think it has to be the server that is used for some bizarre reason.

In any case, thanks for the "invisible" banner. Would you mind emailing it to me again?

Congrats to the winners and everyone on their entries. I have no idea which icons won since I can't see them :(


A VERY nice icon :) Well done!!
thanks badger :)