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November 2011



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twisted_badger in babylon5contest


In absence of our weekly challenges in the current moment, I have decided to bring back _happyme_'s suggested 'header/layout' challenge just for the meantime.

Everyone is invited to create a new layout for babylon5contest

Layouts should consist of;;

Header & Default Icon


Full coding with a preview

The Fine Print;;

-must contain the words 'babylon5contest'
-they can be made for any style
-S1 codes or S2 overrides acceptable
-header must be no deeper than 450px
-header must be no wider than 1024px
-all pictures used must be from the Babylon 5 universe. (Crusade allowed)
-winner will be credited in userinfo
-each person may only enter one layout
-any questions please e-mail or comment to one of the mods

This contest is open until the 21st at 11:59:59 pm wherever you are. Comment here if you need help fining caps, although there are many throughout the community! :D


Just to make absolutely certain: "all pictures used must be from Babylon 5" -- so no Crusade pics?
ah pants. sorry about that, i shall change the wording :) Crusade is very much allowed. *edits to 'the Babylon 5 Universe'
thank you for asking :)
Cool -- thanks!!
Now that's an excellent idea.
of *course* it is! it was yours after all :D
I've never made a layout before, but I am eager to try. I have a couple questions. My main one is this: Is a header basically just a big icon? :)

-S1 codes or S2 overrides acceptable
I'm not sure what this means, but I'm pretty positive it has something to do with LJ layouts.

-header must be no deeper than 450px
Dumb question perhaps, but does this mean height for the header?
Basically, yep :) just a big icon :D

The codes are for people who have been doing layouts for a while (I've been doing them for forever and the codes still scare me:P) bat basically it means, if you used them you could submit the colour scheme and everything, not just the images, but, images alone are MORE than acceptable! :D

And yep, that's the height, my bad, I should have just said 'height' lol

Happyme and I both have good examples of headers, happy me has a large one, 1000px x 342px


and i have a small one :D 556px by 345px

One more thing. You mentioned in the main post that you have links to where I can find caps. I realize I probably won't get a header done in time for the header challenge, but for future reference, I'd love to know where I can find some that haven't been posted in the community.
YOu can find caps here :) and as for the layout deadline, it may very well be extended once more :)
have a good day :D