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November 2011



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bfly12jc in babylon5contest

hi, all.  okay, i'm new at this, and i kinda wanted to get into it, so please be gentle.  many thanks to _happyme_  for patiently working me through all this slowly.  i'm jen, and i'm a sophomore.  i'd appreciate feedback in a positive way, since i've been getting a lot of negative feedback recently, and i did give this week's challenge a try.  i like number one slightly more than number two, but here goes. 

 (text was English 111 Vivace)
 (text was Gill Sans Ultra Bold and French Script)

i hope one of these days, i'll be able to be as good as you people :-)



whitestar made some helpful comments on fixing picture number two, so the fixed version is below.  i hope it helped.


Hello and welcome! Your pictures don't show up for me, there's just some message from Photobucket: "Oops! My image for this link is no longer here."
oops! hold on, lemme fix that.. it should be okay in about 10 minutes. thanks!!
Hello, and welcome :) Hope you have fun here. If you'd like feedback, I'll give you a little, but I'm a newbie at icon making also so take what I say with a grain of salt, lol. Also most people here don't give critiques except to say if they like something, so don't wonder if it's you or anything :) I actually like #2 better. For me personally I would make the words "Control" and "have" smaller so I could see more of her face. And I would probably make the word "have" closer to the same shade as the background. I don't like text that stands out very much, but that is personal taste :) I do like the coloring of the background and face though :) Hope I haven't scared you away. I just like to offer my opinion if asked, lol ;)
thanks for the feedback. i do appreciate it. yeah, i kind of wanted the "have" to stand out, and i guess that you can't read the "i want to" above the "have", since it's kind of grey-ish. am i allowed to tweak it and make the text smaller, or do i have to leave it how it is and just keep that for future reference?
am i allowed to tweak it and make the text smaller

awesome, thanks!
I do it :) I've noticed that sometimes the icons look different when I've been working on them on my screen, and then post them on the community I find that I may not like how they're looking later or I'm missing something. The creative juices are always changing :)
I really like number two! especially your improved version :)
what program are you using?
*blush* my parents would kill me if i got some really intense program, because that would mean i wouldn't do anything else. so it's a mixture of corel photo house, ms paint, and photo impressions 4. but i'm working up to getting my own computer so that i can get a program like adobe photoshop, which everyone seems to really like.
oh annnnnd, ignore negative feedback, people who are mean aren't even worth it, they shouldjust go off to greatest journal or whatever, and what's a sophomore when it's at home :) ? what year I mean, I'm in New Zealand and sophomore means nothing to me lol
Your clown icon is creepy!
sorry... sophomore=10th grade here in the states. and i try to take negative feedback and turn it into a positive thing, but that gets old after a while :)
It looks good that her face is more visible and I can read the text :) And really there is no right way, just a bunch of different ways to make icons. It's all a matter of personal taste of what you like or not. So play around to your heart's content :)
thanks, i will. but i appreciate other peoples' opinions because i don't want to look like a complete doofus, at least until i get the hang of all this stuff :)
The thing about babylon5contest is that everyone here is so great! If you like a technique that they are using, you can just ask, and they are more than happy to tell you. I love that no one here seems to keep their awesome skills a secret. :)
yeah, i've noticed that. i love babylon 5 people. it's a shame there aren't any more of them at my high school :-/