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hi, all.  okay, i'm new at this, and i kinda wanted to get into it, so please be gentle.  many thanks to happyme  for patiently working me through all this slowly.  i'm jen, and i'm a sophomore.  i'd appreciate feedback in a positive way, since i've been getting a lot of negative feedback recently, and i did give this week's challenge a try.  i like number one slightly more than number two, but here goes. 

 (text was English 111 Vivace)
 (text was Gill Sans Ultra Bold and French Script)

i hope one of these days, i'll be able to be as good as you people :-)



whitestar made some helpful comments on fixing picture number two, so the fixed version is below.  i hope it helped.

Tags: bester, bfly12jc, episodic, minor characters, psi corps, week 26 - ship of tears
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