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November 2011



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Heroes: Hiro - Concentrate!

muffinmonster in babylon5contest

Week 26: Ship of Tears

Two more:

The text says "a Wolf at the Door", taken from Radiohead's "A Wolf at the Door". The font is Palladius Bold.

The text was taken from Radiohead's Banana Co. and says "burning". I just tried to figure out which font I used for this, but I couldn't find it anymore, sorry.


that first one rocks, but maybe that's just 'cuz i'm partial to teal. and bester. and shiny sparkly things. anyway, good job (again).
Your Bester one is perfect! It reminds me of Ivanova's thing about the hour of the wolf, obviously...but Bester can't have cubs, lol. XD
The idea of Bester having cubs is so amusing, for various reasons ;) And thank you!
How do you get your icons to be monochromatic, yet so clear without being dull? Would you have a tutorial on this by any chance? :)
It's pretty easy actually:

First I duplicate my base. Then I desaturate that duplicate and tweak the brightness and contrast of that layer. Sometimes I'll also sharpen it and afterwards blur those parts of the image (especially faces) that got too "ragged" by the sharpening. And then I add all kinds of colored layers: one-coloured, gradients, textures... Oh, and you can of course also simply adjust the colors of a layer directly.

The real trick is figuring out the order of all of those layers, and how to set them (screen, difference, whatever, it's just trial-and-error most of the time) and their opacity. I'm always amazed how much a picture will change just by tweaking those settings.

What also helps a lot with contrast is to duplicate that desatured layer from the beginning and put it on top of the image (or someplace close to the top), and then set it to overlay (interference? I'm not sure how that's translated). And sometimes you just have to delete part of a layer that would otherwise obscure the face (or whichever part of the image is important to you).

Check out this tutorial, it helped me a lot: http://community.livejournal.com/noldo_icons/7834.html
Thanks for the info :) I'll also go check out the link.
Just want to let you know that I'm going to snag your Bester and PSI corp icons with credit of course :)