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November 2011



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Hell - Picasso Devil

melligator in babylon5contest

Week 28 - Franklin

Not sure if I missed the deadline or not, if I did - well duh me right? Here's an icon anyway. I'm a newbie so you'll just have to forgive me this one time :)

Fonts used are Porcelain and Nasty as well as Bodoni Ornaments, with some brushes by 8nero I think.


Whoa, that is nice! Did you make very faint text and then write over it with "life is a short trip"? How did you do that? I can't seem to do it without making everything look muddy.
Yep, that's exactly what I did :)

The background text is set very small, size 6 I think, and has an outer glow of pale yellow which fuzzes it out a bit. There are also some grungy horizontal lines (brushes) in white to obscure it a bit more. The text on top ("life is a short trip") is the same font, obviously bigger, but with an outer glow in black to make it pop so it's readable. The photo underneath is also doctored a bit, it's placed over a solid teal background then set to 'hard light' in the layer blend mode - it sort of brightens and reduces the contrast at the same time, which makes anything over the top a tiny bit more legible too.

Glad you like :) I've been making a concerted effort to get better with the icons. Here's a Snape one I did in basically the same way *points*
Ahhh, Snape *big grin* :D I like the effect it gives the icon an old world text look. Almost musical looking too.
that's awesome! i wish i could join and do stuff that good!
and by the way, welcome. glad to have new people.
Thanks and thanks :)
I was going to put the poll up last night - even had it prepped, but the parents came back early from holiday and so I didn't. I'm now very glad that I didn't.


I'll set up your tag right now. :)
Whee I made it!
I feel very welcomed, and am muchly appreciative :)