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November 2011



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Filing Papers

_happyme_ in babylon5contest

Week 29 - War Without End - Voting

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Only Gold. Silver & Bronze Awards due to the very low number on entries. Votes are weighted and will close on Saturday evening.

Thank you for having voted :)


I'm sad there were so few. :(

Ah well... One little suggestion for the next time there's voting like this -- using radio buttons instead of check boxes removes the possibility that someone might accidentally vote for two in the same category.
hey there, added your challenge to the Silver-Pearls.com directory
Hope you don't mind :)
No problem.

Good luck with the directory.
hey :) i'd love to hel with the next challenge and get back into helping you :)
I could really use some suggestions for limitations on The Deconstruction of Falling Stars (the caps are ready/uploaded) and some banner help.
just tell me winners and i shall banner :D *looks forward to* and limitations... how about... +thinks of songs yes+

Perhaps, limit of 5 (because isn't it just the best! lol) and either a Hush challenge, or text from

Your Love Endures - Third Day

Though the treasures of
This life may fade
Your love endures forever
They will pass away Things that man has made
But your love endures forever

Now I can't explain, or even understand
Why you gave your life, to save sinful man
But I know it's true, I've seen it myself
Your love endures forever

Though the seasons change With the passing time
Your love endures forever
And the sun will fade If just for the night
Your love endures forever

Though our pains and joys Will come and go
Your love endures forever
Even in my fears I will always know
That your love endures forever...


Cry - James Blunt

I have seen peace. I have seen pain,
Resting on the shoulders of your name.
Do you see the truth through all their lies?
Do you see the world through troubled eyes?
And if you want to talk about it anymore,
Lie here on the floor and cry on my shoulder,
I'm a friend.

I have seen birth. I have seen death.
Lived to see a lover's final breath.
Do you see my guilt? Should I feel fright?
Is the fire of hesitation burning bright?
And if you want to talk about it once again,
On you I depend. I'll cry on your shoulder.
You're a friend.

You and I have been through many things.
I'll hold on to your heart.
I wouldn't cry for anything,
But don't go tearing your life apart.

I have seen fear. I have seen faith.
Seen the look of anger on your face.
And if you want to talk about what will be,
Come and sit with me, and cry on my shoulder,
I'm a friend.
And if you want to talk about it anymore,
Lie here on the floor and cry on my shoulder,
I'm a friend.

which are two songs i thought fitted... a little... maybe... i hope? lol :D

thank you :)