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November 2011



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DL Need Coffee!

g_shadowslayer in babylon5contest

my neighbors are torturing me...

They're cooking something that smells so good, and I need to go to sleep so I can go to work later...

5 Marcus icons:

Fonts: Book Antiqua, Mom's Typewriter, and Herman Decanus AH

BTW, I know the challenge said there were no limits, but if only 4 are allowed, then please skip the third one of these. Nevermind :D


Oh, that first one is gorgeous. Great work.
Thank you! That's my favourite one, too :D
i love them all, but the third is my favorite, followed closely by the first. and then the last one.
super cool, keep them coming.
Wow -- thanks! I wasn't too sure about the pink and the green on the third one, but I'm glad someone likes it! :D
yeah, i'm partial to bubbly things... :) and pink and green. 2 favorite colors. well, pink and teal, but who's counting?
I love the colours on the third! Are those brushes or hand shaded? They look great!
Wow! I may have to change my mind on dropping that one if five is too many :D Thanks!

It's a bunch of light textures in 'screen' blending mode over the original picture -- the only actual brushes are the four stars in green, and the swirly thing in white at the very bottom.
My favorite is #5. It caught my eye immediately. I like the double image effect, the texture that looks like it bleeds into the border, the font and the white border :) If it's OK, I'm going to snag it and will credit. I won't use it until after the contest is over :)
No problemo! I like 1 and 5 best -- I was really pleased with the way they came out :D
ooooo, may I use the first one--the one that won the contest-- for personal use?? Credited of course!! If you'd prefer I didn't, let me know and I will take it down immediately!! It's just gorgeous.
You certainly may! I'm glad you like them :D
love the effects on these, especially the first one. If I credit, can I use it?
Oh definitely! Glad you like them! :D