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Art/Creative/Icon Journals

I was performing a final icons check for Week 30 - Marcus - and noticed that another member has an icon journal.

I have trouble remembering the names of everyone's icon journals.

Help an old maintainer out by commenting with yours pleasey please.

happyme - imagepacks
flarn_chef - phinger_paint
fondued_jicama - fondued_icons
g_shadowslayer - slytherinsicons
astrophilia - clarifying Glad to have found you again :)
ruuger - ruugericon
whitestar - polarisgraphics

If you don't have an icon journal then you could publicise your work at iconsharingnet.

You can also post tutorials and resources at babylon5icons.

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    fonts: none, comic sans, sans (ps. it pained me a bit to go for Honor rather than Honour but never mind)

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