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We need a new maintainer

I've been maintaining this comm for over a year.

I never set out to be a maintainer. I just fell into it because I was appalled by the lack of Babylon 5 icons available and the low amount of people making them.

Don't get me wrong, I love this community, I love that we encourage one another and that we've all helped to get more icons out there.

I've simply had had enough and think that there are people who want to and probably could do a better job of it.

twisted_badger has been kind enough to help out but doesn't have much time or dvds to cap from.

Comments are screened if you're interested.

This is what I do and the programs I use.
Somebody wins Gold in a contest and provides their choice of subject matter.

Make any caps (unless you've already got them). I use PowerDVD to make the caps, preview/choose the caps in PSP (because I need to zoom in, check for bluriness, how the caps will react to auto contrast enhancement etc), resave in another folder, rename them using Bulk Rename Utility (to include Week Number, challenge title then cap#) and convert to jpg using IrfanView (because it saves fiddling with settings in PSP and I frankly find it much better for the task).

If there are lots of caps, I also provide a zip file. I use PowerDesk because it has a "no compression" setting.

Upload the caps to server.

When the time comes, use Semagic to create an entry:
Credit the Gold Winner who chose the original topic matter, insert Week #, subject and that it is a caps post, add "caps" tag, add a cut, link all zips and caps, add any limitations, close cut, add deadline date. Post entry.

Re-save the spreadsheet of the last Week's info with this Week # in filename instead, scrub out all data relating to last Week and add this Week's subject matter in the title. (The spreadsheet lists the makers/entrants and will weight the votes (I can provide a copy).)

When icons are submitted, create a new entry in Semagic, add the "voting" tag, insert icon images. Insert numbers for each icon (ensuring that they tally will the numbers assigned to the makers you'll now assign in the spreadsheet). Save the Semagic file and keep updating as necessary.

Post a reminder if there aren't many entries. Extend the contest is necessary. Try to add a final warning if possible.

Check that all users have added their tags. If not, edit the tags of their posts. If the user is new, assign a tag to them using http://www.livejournal.com/manage/tags.bml?authas=babylon5contest
Link the tag at http://community.livejournal.com/babylon5contest/175847.html (You would have to create a new post for this purpose as LJ probably won't let you edit it.)

Go to the LJ Poll link (only paid/permanent users have this feature).
Type in Poll title. Use the drop down menu to select "Text entry", add the question name as Gold/1st. Create a new question, give it the name of Silver/2nd etc. If there are lots of entries, consider adding Copper and Tin Awards as well.

Preview poll. If it is ok, post poll (but not the resulting entry). Cut the poll text from the entry. Post it in Semagic file. Close original Poll entry in web browser.

Check through posts to ensure that no new icons have been added. Count up the number of entries and compare with spreadsheet and Semagic entry file.

Preview Semagic entry (checking for alignment and that similar icons are not too close together (if so, try to move them and update spreadsheet to reflect change in usernames assigned to icon numbers)).

Try to add a voting deadline if possible.

Post entry.

As votes come in, view the results of the poll. Use list entry in spreadsheet to insert names of voters. (If any names are new, add them to the list on the other tab of spreadsheet then flit back.) Insert the icon numbers voted for in the relevant Award heading (ie Gold, Silver etc). Check that there's no votey for self. When lots of votes are in and/or voting deadline reached, edit voting post by removing poll and add something such as "thank you for voting".

Go to spreadsheet, check who has won what.

Create a new entry in Semagic. Head it Week# - Topic - Results. Add "results" tag. Add an lj cut. Link the winning icons adding Gold Award - username etc under the relevant icons. Go back to the voting post. Carefully consider the Mod's Choice Award using the images of icons submitted. Link to Mod's Choice Award icon in the Semagic entry and insert this icon's # in the text box of spreadsheet to note which icon you've chosen. Add Congratulations in the Semagic entry. Add the name of the Gold winner and the # of the Week number for which they get to choose the subject matter using http://community.livejournal.com/babylon5contest/tag/forthcoming

Edit/update forthcoming entry with the name of the winner and (as soon as you receive it) their subject matter for their future Week. (You'd probably need to create a new post for this purpose.)

Open PSP9. Create a new 250 x 130 px image. Paste icon onto a new layer. Find original post of icon and note the font name. If you don't have it, try to find it or something similar.
Add award name (gold, etc), username, week number, challenge name, babylon5contestand any background/borders appropriate so as to try and match the icon. Proofread the banner. Save. Export as jpg or png*.

*If any icons are animated, open up icon in Animation Shop. Ctrl and A. File menu - Export frames to PSP (they'll be on new layers). Lock each layer. Save as a psp file. Enlarge canvas to 250 x 130 pixels and place icon as necessary. Add text, decoration as usual. Hide all layers but frame 1, text, decoration etc. Ctrl, Shift and C. Ctrl and V to paste into Animation Shop. Right click and update duration of frame as per the original frame 1 of the icon. Back to PSP and hide all but the text, decoration etc and frame 2. Ctrl, Shift, and C. Back to Animation Shop. Ctrl and L, insert frame duration. Repeat for each frame. Save as a GIF file using appropriate comptession settings.

When all banners are finished, upload. Create a new entry for banners using Semagic. Add an lj cut. Insert banners, link username underneath each banner. Close cut. Post entry.
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