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November 2011



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_happyme_ in babylon5contest

Week 31 - The Deconstruction of Falling Stars - Extension

I'm providing a slight extension to this Week's challenge. Rather than ending on the Sunday, it'll end on Monday 17 April at 12:00 pm Los Angeles time.
Original post here.

This willl give you a little more time without delaying Week 32 - The Long Night.

I was just going to quit as maintainer, but there have been so many offers for help that I don't need to, besides, no one is really interested in the entire role (smart bunch).

whitestar is going to be our maintainer in charge of Tags/indexing the contest and (hopefully) Reminders.

twisted_badger and _dropdeadred have volunteered to be our lead banner-makers. If hosting is a problem, please e-mail the banners to me.

canodiva1 has volunteered to help out in other ways. I'll probably be calling upon help during busy weeks for icon-checking to start with.

_dropdeadred has also volunteered to help out with capping. This'll keep the pressure off if I don't have an episode done.

This means that if I'm ever swamped at work or get the 'flu etc and/or twisted_badger is busy with her studies, the community is covered in every way and so should run smoothly no matter what.

This is, I have to say, a huge relief and I'm really grateful to everyone who has volunteered. Thank you.


Congrats/welcome to the new maintainer team! I would love to help out, but I'm at least realistic enough at this point to realize that I really don't have the spare time. I'm glad you got lots of volunteers!
This is a really nice community, I've belonged to others and not felt like I wanted to help out in the least lol!

Spreading the work around is the smart way. I don't have the time to run a contest either, but capping I can do :)
You're lovely and your icon amuses me.
Thanks g.

I'm, sorry to read that you're short on time at the moment - I hope things improve for you.

Lots of love :)
Thanks! For the immediate future, unfortunately, things might only get worse. We're heading into our busiest time at work, and while we're already working at only 3/4 strength, we're about to lose another employee. *sigh* I like the extra money from OT, but I really hate the way it eats into my spare time... :|