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November 2011



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B5:  Galen - Color of Magic

whitestar in babylon5contest

The Great Tags Post Update


anna sheridan, babylon stations, bester, brother edward, cartagia, corwin, delenn, dukhat, dureena, episodic, franklin, g'kar, galen, garibaldi, headers, ivanova, kosh, landscapes, lennier, lochley, londo, lorien, lyta, marcus, max eilerson, minor characters, miscellaneous icons, morden, movies, neroon, number one, psi corps, rangers, sebastian, shadows, sheridan, sinclair, talia, technomages, valen, vir, vorlons, white stars, zack, zathras,

Weekly Challenges

week 01 - in the beginning, week 02a - sheridan and delenn , week 02b - bester, week 03a - londo and g'kar, week 03b - marcus, week 04a - vir and lyndisty, week 04b - brother edward, week 05a - white star, week 05b - lochley, week 06a - ivanova, week 06b - the corps, week 07a - technomages, week 07b - cartagia, week 08a - garibaldi, week 08b - moments of transition, week 09a - lennier, week 09b - vir, week 10a - sinclair,week 11a - lyta, week 11b - shadow ships and vessels, week 12a - vorlons, week 12b - morden, week 13a - zack allen, week 13b - the station, week 14a - lorien, week 14b - talia, week 15a - g'kar, week 15b - wheel of fire, week 15c - into the fire, week 16a - franklin, week 16b - white stars, week 17a - corwin, week 17b - ivanova, week 17c - galen and isabelle, week 18a - zathrus, week 18b - valen, week 19a - anna sheridan, week 19b - interludes and examinations, week 19c - number one, week 20a - in the beginning, week 20b - dureena, week 21a - and the rock cried out, week 21b - max eilerson, week 21c - phoenix rising, week 22a - a race through dark places, week 22b - thirdspace, week 23a - marcus and susan, week 23b - and the sky full of stars, week 23c - neroon, week 24a - between the darkness, week 24b - david "arthur" mcintyre, week 25 - lyta, week 26 - ship of tears, week 27 - babylon squared, week 28 - franklin, week 29 - war without end garibaldi sinclair, week 30 - marcus, week 31 - deconstruction of falling star, week 32 - the long night, week 33 - day of the dead, week 34 - dukhat, week 35 - g'kar, week 36 - a voice in the wilderness, week 37 - vir, week 38 - legend of the rangers, week 39 - tko, week 40 - passing through gethsemane, week 41 - funny icons, week 42 - divided loyalties, week 43 - max eilerson, week 44 - garibaldi off-duty, week 45 - kosh, week 46 - delenn - full minbari, week 47 - john and delenn, week 48 - galen, week 49 - morden and shadows, week 50 - susan ivanova, week 51 - women of babylon 5, week 52 - food and drink, week 53 - emblems and symbols, week 54 - white stars, week 55 - landscapes, week 56 - humour, week 57 - ivanova unrequited, week 58 - g'kar, week 59 - comes the inquisitor, week 60 - black and white, week 61 - telepaths, week 62 - despair, week 63 - centauri court, week 64 - smiles, week 65 - presidents, week 66 - john mathieson, week 67 - vir, week 68 - susan ivanova, week 69 - grey council, week 70 - long night of londo mollari, week 71 - all alone in the night, week 72 - delenn and partner,


aerynalexander, amergina, angel_hebe, angelachristian, aquidis, aris_tgd, arrietty, aryas_zehral, asherific, ayumi_85, batlev, beam_oflight, beeej, bfly12jc, brainache, browncoatrebel, byewonderland, caelieth, camelwithbrush, carven_ront, chelletoo, ch1pper, chirex, christinuviel, cosmob, crazybee, curtana, deadspeaker, delenntoo, delenn_xi, drabbit, dropdeadred, dragonflysakura, dsigng4, earendilgrey, earthmoon, eirendel, elen_ancalima, elsewherecw,emilydanyel, empressith, fangaili, fifmeister, fiverly, flarn_chef, fondued_jicama, friend_of_frodo fridayiwish, g_shadowslayer, galyndean, gekla, grant_illusions, greenzowie, happyme_, hobsonphile, hsapiens, iconsbycurtana, icecream_junkie, iconsohappy, immora, inelgerdis, interlight, jackzter, jazzgoddess, karlamel_kisses, kathyh, kayida_draco, kelsiarei,khallandra, ki10fuzzball, kizzmon, lenija, lessea, lil_red_witch, lilyoftheval5, lisa_marli, liviapenn, lost_mckay, lovely_sunlight, lostpleiade, lovetruthbella, luadoinverno, macalania, mckay_ocd, melligator, mer_moonchild, muffinmonster, nachtsternusa, nephelomancer, neskromniy, nialla42, nolivingman, novatrixs, numb3r_5ev3n, omniside, pegasusuroborus, perverseparagon, phantomvamp, plaidphoenix, prezzey, psychoadept, pumaful, red_helvoc, rivendellrose, ruuger, ryosato, ryuuzaki_megami, sachi_charlie, sammy_stevenson, scifiman, sevcrucio, sherilenn, siljames, silvercobwebs,spitefairy, splagxna, spud66cat, stalkermadeline, starofthemorn, sulien77, sunnydalegirl, svetly, swampers, taj_mahal07, tekia, tgikelly, the_top_hat, thisisadarkride, toffy_chan, tweets, twisted_badger, vendelina, vitonchik, whitestar_alpha, womanmoonwolf, wychwood,

Community Management

affiliates, banners, caps, challenge reminder, forthcoming, great tags post, icon check, layout, layout challenge, maintainer post, member news, new members, poll, results, tutorials, voting, voting reminder,

I'll slowly be updating the links for the community. Could everyone who's particpated in any of the contests or plans to, check to see if your name is on this list? If you need to be added, please leave a message with this post. If you see any characters or topics that you believe have been left off from this list, again please let me know.

Finally, I'll be adding a title tag for each week's challenge. For example this week's challenge is Week 31 - Deconstruction of Falling Stars. In the future when you enter a contest, please remember to tag your entry with your name, the contest title and the characters etc, that are in your icons. No one will feed you spoo if you forget lol, but it will help us find your entries and if anyone is looking for particular icons.

Thanks for your help and happy icon making! :)


Hey there, my username is one of those silly ones with an underscore in front. Will it make a difference in the tags?
I'll change it. I want to get the tags right. Give me a little time to figure out how this tagging system works, but I'll get it done :)
I have an idea. Since the tag for your name is incorrect, for now can you put your entries under the weekly challenge title? That way we'd still get your entries until I figure out how to fix your name :) I'll go back through and correct your name on your previous entries, you won't have to do it.
At least I think so lol.
Am as befuddled by tags as anyone.
You know, I was trying to edit your name with the underscore in the front, and it doesn't look like it will enter. I noticed that _happyme_ also doesn't have an underscore in front of her name. I'm thinking that it just doesn't work that way. You may just have to use dropdeadred.

On the entries for the challenges, I will enter the tags like this: week ## - Name of Challenge
So this week's was: week 31 - Deconstruction of Falling Stars. It was supposed to be "Stars" but I think there are too many letters. The tags cut off the "s" :\
You type in the tags in the tag section of your post. If it doesn't enter, then you can go back and "edit your tags" and a list of tags will come up and you can choose which ones you want to use. It's pretty easy once you see how it works :)