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November 2011



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DL Need Coffee!

g_shadowslayer in babylon5contest

Week 31 (whew!)

I had real trouble on #1 because no brush I put on it looked good. So I added the text (in Book Antiqua) and then it worked out with a brush under it. Whew! I kinda liked it without the brushes, but it's okay with it.


I like your text effects on #1. And the textures on #3. #5 is funny, lol.
Thank you! I really liked the way those three came out :D #3 actually has textures (the sparkly bits) and a brush (the pale straight lines) -- I put them under the colouring layers and it came out pretty neat, I think. :D
Groovy icons. I really like the desaturation in #5 combined with the coloured background.

Then there's the sharpening on #3 - looks perfect to me.

Great blend on #1 - must have taken a while.

These are going to make a great addition to your next b5 icon set at slytherinsicons.
Wooo! Thanks! (Sharpening and I don't get along too well, so to have someone say it's good makes me so happy!!) And I'm really proud of the way #1 came out, so thank you!! :D
Ahh, those are gorgeous, I love #1 - and the colours are beautiful, esp in #3 and #4!
Thank you!! :D
Oh, lovely! I espeically like the last one, the background colours are stunning.
Thank you so much! That's a number of textures on different settings, with additional lines of colour added in on still other settings :D
the colors are all so amazing, and i really like 2 and 5. they're so cute, i want to like, take them home with me or something! and they look PROFESSIONAL.
Wow -- thanks!! :D
no, but seriously-- they're gorgeous. and i want number 5 afterward. credited-- duh.
Thanks! You can definitely snag it :D