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November 2011



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Great Woman

flarn_chef in babylon5contest

Week 32: The Long Night

    Schlimeyer Book

     ventilate AOE

    Troubled Genius


   Sell Your Soul


Oooh, these are lovely. I love the Delenn icon, it's absolutely gorgeous and I also really like the G'Kar and J/D icons. Great work.
Thanks... I am very pleased with the G'Kar one.
Finally I am now making them to my taste and not for 'the gold.'
I know exactly what you mean :) It feels better to follow one's own muse. And then we're much happier with the icons, even if no one else cares for them that much.

I do like how you make your text, you do a great job with it. I like the last Ranger icon the most :)
I like the last Ranger icon the most :)
Thanks! I was feeling silly at one point and toying with the line... 'OMG! It's Malcom's father' but changed my ever changing mind.
These are great - innovative and really usable.

I like them.

The Ranger one is my favourite. The font is very fine and yet you've managed to make it legible, brilliant.

make it legible
I had to teach myself to like tiny text... mainly it used to piss me off!

These are all lovely! You used a lot of nice techniques - I like the tiny writing under the heart in the J/D icon. I also like the ranger one best :)
I love these - very dreamy and gorgeous! The last one is very moving too, the caption is just right. =)

all of them.
Ditto on all comments re: the Ranger icon. Just lovely. How do you do the effect for Delenn's icon? (the outline?)
I have a bunch of icon sized pictures taken from the Hubble Telescope.. which is what I used.

Once I added the space pic over the cropped Delenn icon,I erased the silouette of Delenn in the space pic. I think I merged the layers at that point, adding the line around Delenn with a fuzzy circle brush. To try to get a smoother line, I enlarged the icon 500% to work with.

It still looked too flat so I added part of a rather large nebula-type (GIMP) brush I downloaded from someone in a LJ GIMP community.

Did I just give you TMI?