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Extension for Week 4/Community Icon Challenge

Voting will now begin on Monday evening (apromimately 10 pm).

It'll give me more time to make/choose caps.

We really need more entries for the Community Contest (also extended until Monday). You may submit as many icons as you wish for this one. There's no reason why you can't create generic versions for general use/sharing.

I've noticed that some of you have mentioned babylon5contest when you've posted your icons in your journals, iconsharingnet and at babylon5icons. Thank you for this - we need the plugs. I forgot to mention, as members, you're welcome to use the caps for general use without credit (although, as mentioned, the plugs are helpful).

I've also started seeing some of the icons you've submitted, out and about, in various user journals - big "Yay" on that one.

Well done.
Tags: challenge update, layout challenge, maintainer post, week 04a - vir and lyndisty, week 04b - brother edward
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