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November 2011



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tgikelly in babylon5contest

Icon Entries

5 entries!

Fonts are: Daniel; Journal; Herculanum; Cochin; Amaze

Feedback is always welcome. :)


Oooo, I like: the colouring is very nice and the expressions on their faces have been brought out very well! (although, eep, the one I was making for the Ranger guy is kind of similar! hope you don't mind if I still enter it ...?) Can I snag the Lennier for future use?? =)
lol. I like your bone head icon. :) I figured sacrifice would be a common one for the ranger icon anyway, so feel free!
Thanks! =D! Actually it was more the cropped pic used (the side of his head and his hand, with a kind of faded effect), but mine hasn't really come out that well so I might not use it anyway ...! Thanks though! =)
I actually love the faded effect there (not to pat myself on the back or anything) but it's the text I don't like as much. I tried and tried to mess around with it to get something I liked, but to no avail. Ah well. You should submit yours! :)
I like the colors on the Ranger icon and the text you used. I also like the text on Endure. How did you get that effect?
I duplicated the text layer, then increased the space size of the bottom text (sorry, I'm not that technical there) and then gaussian blurred that bottom text layer.
And I had to stare long and hard at your candle icon there to see if those lights were actually flickering, or if it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. ;)
Your Lennier icon is beautiful. I love that style you have there, as I think I've said before. =)
the lennier one is beautiful. and number four is funny. i'd love to see cartagia polka-ing.