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November 2011



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bfly12jc in babylon5contest

time permitting, i'm going to make another one, but i can't decide how to deal with these here.  i have 3 different versions of the same icon and i was hoping i could get help.

the text says "alone in a crowd", by the way. 

i kind of like this, except i feel like the pink is a bit light, and also you can't see the crowd behind her. 

so i moved the text, but that seems to make delenn look bigger and amplify the empty space at the same time.  

so i put the text back and dulled down the pink down to a purple, but that makes her hand look really bright, and i think i have the wrong shade of purple.  

i could just put the text down lower, but then you wouldn't be able to read the "alone" part.  
of course, i could just change the texts and try something else, but i kinda liked the way this started.
and then my eyes started to hurt.  so i was hoping i could get some feedback and critique on them.  i haven't had much spare time lately, or sleep, so they do kind of suck a bit compared to everyone else's.  but okay.  thanks. 


This is my personal opinion OK? I like the last icon the best. First, because the purple isn't as bright. You really want the icon to be about Delenn and not the text. At least when I do icons that's what I usually like, unless it's animated :)

I like the text behind Delenn's head, that's a nice idea. But the one thing I don't like and it does bother me a lot, is I don't like the diamond shape. It's too visually "hard" for me. Now that's my personal taste. I'm sure other people will like it, and you used it so obviously you like it and that's what matters the most :) You need to express who you are through your icons.

About Delenn's hand. It actually looks to me like somehow the base's brightness was changed. Because if you block out the text in both icons, the third one still looks a bit brighter even in Delenn's face. There's a couple things you can do to help with the brightness. Too lower it, I'd first go in with the Soften tool and smooth over her palm. Say using about 30% opacity and see if that helps tone down the brightness. Or you can use the Burn tool and go over her palm. That might darken it.

I sure others have many more helpful suggestions, so I hope you get a bunch of other opinions also :)