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32nd week: entries

First time poster here, so I hope I do nothing wrong. (If so, please tell me ^^)

Fonts (from left to right): 1. Carpenter, 2. Keyboard Plaque, 3. LainieDaySH & Keyboard Plaque, 4. Medici Text, 5. Violation


Cheers, Jules :)
Tags: cartagia, episodic, g'kar, ivanova, lennier, londo, miscellaneous icons, pegasusuroborus, week 32 - the long night

  • Week 74 Entries

    I realised as I was saving these that some used saturation more than splash for colour, let me know if they are ok!

  • Week 74: Color Splash

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    Fonts in #3 are Pea Lacy and a silly font I made mysefl :D

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