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November 2011



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B5: Garibaldi Was Here (polarisgraphics)

whitestar in babylon5contest

Great Tags Post and New Members Update

I just want to let everyone know that all entries have been tagged back to January 1, 2006 if you're looking for anything from this year. I've also added the new members camelwithbrush, ninnui and numb3r_5ev3n. If there are any other members who's names don't appear in the tag list here:
Great Tags Post Update, please let me know and I'll add you.

I've also added another category for Rangers. I wasn't going to have a category for them since Marcus seemed to be the only Ranger we pretty much capped. But for the latest contest, it looks like we may have icons in the future for Rangers. So in the case of Marcus, he can be categorized under his name and also "Rangers".

For the Maintainers I've added a Maintainer Post tag. Could all maintainers please use this tag along with your name tag, every time you make any type of post? That would be great if you could, thanks :)

And finally, thanks everyone for tagging your entries :) I know there are a lot of them to remember, but you guys are doing a great job and it's muchly appreciated.

That's it for this update, and happy iconing! :)


Thanks for adding me! I am primarily looking for Morden icons. Everything that I've found is great so far! :D I've browsed back to the week 12 cap entry, and I'm considering making some of my own, as well.
Hi :) I'm glad you're finding stuff you like. You're pretty ambitious going all the way back to week 12 already.

I haven't gone back far enough yet in the tagging to see what Morden icons we may have. It takes a bit of time to read each entry and figure out every tag for each icon. I do miss some and have to go back and retag at times.

When you win gold, you get to choose one of the future contests so you could choose Morden if you wanted. Maybe you could try entering the next contest? Or even submit one for this week's contest. You don't have to enter all of the icons each contest specifies. I hope you do decide to enter some contests :)

Hi, thanks! I'll try to join in, but I'm not really very good with photoshop yet. I guess I'll just have to play around with it until I *get* good at it. Practice makes perfect.