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thanks so much to aris_tgd and whitestar for the advice on how to better fix the delenn icon.  i moved delenn to the side, i tried to soften the edges of the diamonds, and i darkened the glow from her hands while softening the edge around her body too.  more critique is completely welcome, please tell me what you think.  this is how it turned out: 

i tried to do a londo one too, but the text (i think) could be more legible.  i feel like it should have a border, or at least a little decoration in the top right corner, but i don't know how to fix the text.  if i could get some help on that, that would rock.  
it says "dreaming of better days", fyi.

let me know if i'm out of the limitations or if i'm doing anything else wrong, please.  thanks. 

Tags: bfly12jc, delenn, episodic, londo, week 32 - the long night

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