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November 2011



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bfly12jc in babylon5contest

thanks so much to aris_tgd and whitestar for the advice on how to better fix the delenn icon.  i moved delenn to the side, i tried to soften the edges of the diamonds, and i darkened the glow from her hands while softening the edge around her body too.  more critique is completely welcome, please tell me what you think.  this is how it turned out: 

i tried to do a londo one too, but the text (i think) could be more legible.  i feel like it should have a border, or at least a little decoration in the top right corner, but i don't know how to fix the text.  if i could get some help on that, that would rock.  
it says "dreaming of better days", fyi.

let me know if i'm out of the limitations or if i'm doing anything else wrong, please.  thanks. 


I definitely like the way you fixed the Delenn text. It looks a lot better with the tops slightly cut off and the diamonds softened. I like the slight glow around her body and her hand being less bright. I'm not so sure if I like the outline around her hand though. Is there supposed to be those dark little lines around her hand? I think I might try to make the glow around Delenn a tiny bit larger and try to remove the dark lines around her hand. It looks like you're going for the glow effect around Delenn and that might work if it's a softer and ligher color variation of the diamonds. You've definitely improved this over the first try. Good job :)

On the Londo icon, I think I might angle the text in a straight line instead of a curved one. Start from where you began and go in a straight line along his hair like you did, without the turning. Have you thought of a different colored text? Since you are writing on a white background I think a darker text might work better. I'd also try and make Londo slightly brighter, at least I would do that since the purple is bright also.

I think you might want to make Londo larger, that would take away that empty space you're thinking about. Of course that would mean less room for the text, but you could then write over Londo if you wanted. I was also thinking about a border, but then again I like borders :) Most people don't seem to use them.

You're improving so keep it up :)
thanks so much. i fixed the hand, and i redid the text and it looks a lot better now (i think). the londo one-- i kinda liked the curvy text, but it's more readable now since i played with the midtones/highlights/whatevers, and i did make him bigger. it looks really cool. thank you so much for taking the time to point out to me where i should fix it, because i knew it needed work but i didn't know where to start.
I'm glad you kept the text the way you wanted, because that's what's important :) It's how you interpret each of the caps and not how I would do it. I wanted to help with what appeared to be what you were aiming for, and help you improve that part. If you can learn how to adjust the lighting, size of the person and cropping, that alone will make a huge difference in the appearance of an icon. You can pretty much go with any textures, colors, and text you want after that :)

I don't mind giving suggestions as long as I don't hurt your feelings. If you keep practicing, you'll continue to improve on the icons. And I'm very happy to see that you are still entering the contests :)
i'd rather you hurt my feelings than say nothing at all. i hate it when people don't tell me when i need to fix something and then it ruins something else (like relationships, not icons). but if i didn't want criticism, i wouldn't point-blank ask for it. i'm glad you were able to give me some, i really appreciate it.

i dont wanna sound rude or mean or annoying juuuust trying to help :D

heyyyyyyy there :)

i don't like giving like, advice, because i think great icons come from doing whatever you want but, so i'll just tell you what i would do if i made those icons, wrong or right :)

-Enlarge Delenn, and only sharpen twice

-have a softer edge between delenn and fake black background
-have the text set slightly to the right
-have the small text a plain text, so easily read, and so as to not mix fonts
-have the small

as for Londo, i think you did a pretty good job...

I don't think i'd make an icon with londo's face that small, but that's really just me, i just adore how much you can convey showing soo little of someone :P i love th epurple you used :)
and the font... well i can nevr do nice wave font,so i don't so i'd cop out and do this...

but yeah, i hate giving advice cos i dont really think what i said is better than yours no

Re: i dont wanna sound rude or mean or annoying juuuust trying to help :D

well, thanks for making an exception. i really appreciate the visual guides (i'm a visual learner). i made londo bigger, fixed the font (i kept the wave, but i think it's still readable), and i brightened him a bit too (maybe too much?). i also changed the delenn font. but i really like the londo one you did. it's really cool how you just did that on the fly... for me... it makes me feel really special :)