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November 2011



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Bee: Shadow

crazybee in babylon5contest

Contest Entry Week #32: The Long Night

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1: Quote from G'kar Speech when he was removed from the council chambers: " We will teach it to them again.Though it take a thousand years, we will be FREE."

~ B ~
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I love these - the last one is a perfect combination of those two pics!
thank you :) i do my best, maybe this time win a gold award :P
I would have never thought to combine the two images in the last icon together. Really nice. I like #1 also. These are all different from your usual style :)
thanks its been so long since I've entered any contests that i forgot my old style and invented a new one hehehe

Last entries was contest #25
There you are! I was just thinkin' about you this morning... and your lack of visibility here lately. :D #1 is most beautiful!
awww. i havent been in a icon making or creative mood for a long while to be honest. I forced myself to do something and this was the result :)

I do love #1 to, already got it in my personal icons, gotta fill up the 40 odd icon spaces i have there now ;)(currently on 26)

As the great kosh would say "I have always been here!"
It is just soooooo Kosh-like that I was thinking of you this very morning!
we are all connected though our love of Babylon 5 and recently I have just got the Rangers DVD and reading the Techomages books again