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November 2011



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_happyme_ in babylon5contest

New Community

Everyone is welcome
(Just don't multiply the 5 x 100 ;))



A very nice idea ^^" If only I had more time - but this semester I have many exams.. I'll whether I can take part. :)
It'll still be there when you have time. :)
Yer killin' me......... in a good way, I think!
Heh, I thought about you when I saw this post and wondered... does she have it in her again?
I snagged season 3... to start. I was gonna do J&D ship, but I'll let someone else run with that first. I don't wanna be too greedy!
I knew it was about time for me to try a 100 challenge again. :D

Gimme your topic and you're in. :)
I'm gonna do my favorite character, of course -- Lyta. XD
It's yours.
Every time I see your "They have a Plan" icon, it makes me think of Baldric in Black Adder. He goes around saying "I having a cunning plan" and then you know that his plan is always going to be a disaster, lol.
Bwargh! I got overexcited when I saw the comm and tried to join instead of watch -- ignore me :D

I'll be joining later when I actually have time and screencaps to make my icons =:O
No problem.
You can join, but you get posting access when you stake your claim. :)
Thanks :D I'm looking at some of those themes and thinking 'damn, I wish there was more Neroon footage!' -- I'll probably end up doing Garibaldi :)
Ooh. I haven't had much time for icon-making lately thanks to school, but since my final exams are over in three days, I might just have to sign up.

One question...I know that in some 100-icon communities, you have the option of doing 50 icons instead of 100, in five weeks instead of ten, and using 25 themes instead of 50. Would that be an option here, or is it just 100?
I've given this some thought.

We can choose to do 50 icons, but, in 5 weeks and they all have to follow the themes. :)
*slaps head* I just joined a trek one too. But I can't pass this up. I'm in. :)

I know I've asked in the past, but can anyone give me links to great B5 caps? :) I know I can find a ton here in our lovely community, but any other resources would be great. Thanks!!!
There are a couple of links at the challenge where caps can be found. There are also cap links here (as an active babylon5contest member, I have no problem with your using them, indeed, I encourage it). :)

Sounds like fun, but 100 icons is a lot. I might consider it some day. Although I'm not sure I like the idea of claiming only one character. Do people vote on which group of 100 they like the best? Then voters couldn't help but be swayed by what character they liked best. I mean if the icon makers are swayed to pick a character, than the voters will be too. That doesn't seem fair.
The challenge is in making such a number of icons in a short space of time. There are no votes for winners or anything like that. You've won if you can make that many icons really. :)
Ah, OK. That sounds much nicer :)