March 18th, 2005


Week 6 - Results

Sorry for not getting these posted earlier. I've been so tired this week. I even went to bed at 7 yesterday evening because I just couldn't stay awake.

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A service announcement brought to you by your mod'
I've a request for future weeks. Should your icon be smaller than 100x100 then please state the sizes (no need to otherwise do so). I've not asked before 'cause I thought it was a bit mean. However, I specify the sizes of the icons when I post (to prevent them pushing down the page when they load) and - because I just type 100 x 100 - I squiffed up one of the entries this week. If I know the icons is smaller than the norm', I'll make a note in the text file I keep for all your lovely icons' links.

amergina and misshallelujah, congratulations ladies (hugs you). I need your Week 8 caps requests as I'll try and get them done this weekend.

Lots of love

Move Along - makesomelove
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Week 7 entries

Today seems to be the day for all sorts of entries. I've been thinking about what to do with my entries this week, and again I've turned to TV and literature (though, I've not actually read the book the one bit comes from). So, on with the icons!

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Brushes by Evenstar Art and... someone names Jess... I think (they're some of the first brushes I saved, and so I didn't know how I was going to organize things so I could properly credit). If you've been paying attention in my entry posts, you should know who made the gradients; let me refresh your memory anyway: crumblingwalls (who just posted a few new gradient sets the other day; boy, was I happy).

You may be wondering why I post this info every week. Well, since I don't make icons enough for a resource post, it's the best way to let you know where the brushes and things came from so you can get them for youself, should you want to use them.

As always, these are shareable. I'll be quiet now; I've written far too much for an entry post, but... oh, well! Moohahahahaha!