May 12th, 2005

weeks thirteen and fourteen

The deadline for thirteen snuck up on me before I knew it! O___O I'm so behind. But I figured since I did my week thirteen icons that I might as well do my week fourteen icons and post them all together...

So. Here we go.

Week 13

The Station

I almost skipped this one out because I couldn't seem to figure out what to do with it. But then I pulled out some of my shiny lens flare effects and ended up with this. ^^


I wasn't particularly inspired with Zack for some reason. ::shrug::

Week 14



Why yes, it does resemble my station icon... ^^;; New brushes.

[edit] I keep forgetting to do this. x.x Font on The Station and Talia is Trajan, and on Zack and Lorien is Arial Black.