July 26th, 2005

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Hooray for extra time! I totally never got around to making week 18 icons. Tisk on me! So here is one now! I doubt I'll have time to complete another for that week, but one is better than none!

Font is Century Gothic because I always use the same fonts :D
Not the One - cosmob (base by enriana)
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Week 18

I've not been doing a lot of icons lately; I've been wrapped up in larger graphics and web design-y things. But, I had started on Zathras a while ago, so I finished him, and did Valen, too. So, here they are.

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Resources are listed here. And I promise I'll try to do better and make lots of pretty icons for the new contest(s). *passes out*

Contest Entry Week #18: Valen & Zarthras

contest entry
Text Reads: "Puppet Master, Puppet"

contest entry
Fonts: Arial Black & 04b03
Text Reads: "Not good, definately not good."

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More icons @ www.crazybee.org/stuff
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