August 29th, 2005

Naturally Lazy

Week 19 - Number One

Okay, my first entry here. Don't know if I'll have time to do more, because I've been up all night and need to sleep, and have been dealing with Deadlines Of Doom all weekend long...


Font -- just plain old Arial

If I did anything wrong with the way I submitted this entry, please let me know. So many icon contests also want the link typed out, but I don't remember anyone doing that here, so... :)
Dryad- Fantasia

Need some help with my mood theme

Hope you all don't mind me posting this here but figured you all have such wonderful icon

I am doing an all Centauri mood theme and I need help picking pictures for the following moods.


It can be anything Centauri.. ships, buildings, people.. doesn't even have to be a main character...

Also I need some screen caps of Londo playing cards and/or of his cheating tactics for Mischevious.

Will post a preview soon and may even have it done by the end of the month..HOORAY!!!
Magic Tech Girl
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Weeks 19 & 20 - Have I missed any?

Final reminder to enter the challenges. I'll be closing it up within the new few hours The post with the links to the posts with the caps is here.

If I've missed your icon, please let me know. I've also put the on my own server. Photobucket has seemed really bad these past few weeks.

There will be Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, Tin and Mod's Awards available for every round on the votes for these icons.

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