January 6th, 2006

::Mod Note::

Regarding the clarification on the closing time of entries to challenges.

.submissions for.

'Week 24 - Between The Darkness And The Light'


'Week 23 - And A Sky Full Of Stars'

.have closed.

.and submissions for.

'Lyta' - Challenge

.will be closing on the 7th of January at midnight wherever you are.

midnight being the end of the 7th (11:59pm + 1 minute) and wherever you are being the place you live (meaning it will close at funky times for some of you because I am waiting for it to have been midnight everywhere)

I am sorry that I have been confusing and such, I am not very good with time zones, or, well... moding I guess. Please keep me up to speed with the stupid things I do so I may try to correct them :)
On a positive note, you should be able to vote for your favoutire Arthur icons in mere seconds!

co-mod twisted_badger

::Icon Check::

Some of these icons are just amazing, some of the best I have ever seen.
Stunning work from everyone! Thank you for participating. :)

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And on an extreamly positive note, I am currently making my girlfriend sit through the first two seasons of Babylon 5, back to back, no sleeping breaks (although she doesn't know that part yet).
When it is over, the other seasons will follow. Good times.