April 9th, 2006


Art/Creative/Icon Journals

I was performing a final icons check for Week 30 - Marcus - and noticed that another member has an icon journal.

I have trouble remembering the names of everyone's icon journals.

Help an old maintainer out by commenting with yours pleasey please.

happyme - imagepacks
flarn_chef - phinger_paint
fondued_jicama - fondued_icons
g_shadowslayer - slytherinsicons
astrophilia - clarifying Glad to have found you again :)
ruuger - ruugericon
whitestar - polarisgraphics

If you don't have an icon journal then you could publicise your work at iconsharingnet.

You can also post tutorials and resources at babylon5icons.

Kira Diplomatic

We need a new maintainer

I've been maintaining this comm for over a year.

I never set out to be a maintainer. I just fell into it because I was appalled by the lack of Babylon 5 icons available and the low amount of people making them.

Don't get me wrong, I love this community, I love that we encourage one another and that we've all helped to get more icons out there.

I've simply had had enough and think that there are people who want to and probably could do a better job of it.

twisted_badger has been kind enough to help out but doesn't have much time or dvds to cap from.

Comments are screened if you're interested.

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