April 22nd, 2006


(no subject)

time permitting, i'm going to make another one, but i can't decide how to deal with these here.  i have 3 different versions of the same icon and i was hoping i could get help.

the text says "alone in a crowd", by the way. 

i kind of like this, except i feel like the pink is a bit light, and also you can't see the crowd behind her. 

so i moved the text, but that seems to make delenn look bigger and amplify the empty space at the same time.  

so i put the text back and dulled down the pink down to a purple, but that makes her hand look really bright, and i think i have the wrong shade of purple.  

i could just put the text down lower, but then you wouldn't be able to read the "alone" part.  
of course, i could just change the texts and try something else, but i kinda liked the way this started.
and then my eyes started to hurt.  so i was hoping i could get some feedback and critique on them.  i haven't had much spare time lately, or sleep, so they do kind of suck a bit compared to everyone else's.  but okay.  thanks.