January 14th, 2007

  • happyme

Calling Recent Gold Awardees

I need to make the caps and our wonderful tag maintainer [sends a big hug of gratitude] will need to update the Great Tags Post in good time. If you are stuck for ideas, you could start here.

The Winner of Week 45 - Kosh - gets the choice for Week 51
whitestar - Women of Babylon 5 (any combo, but each icon must feature 2 leading B5 female characters) Lyta, Susan Delenn, Lochley, Talia.

The Winner of Week 46 - Delenn - gets the choice for Week 52
whitestar - Food & Drink

The Winner of Week 47 - John & Delenn - gets the choice for Week 53
whitestar - The emblems and symbols that have appeared on Babylon 5? Any of the symbols/emblems that are used by any group, business, aliens, ships, planets whatever. People can be included in the icons but it isn't necessary. But an emblem/symbol has to appear in each icon. I'm hoping (please) for a lot of variety of emblem screencaps if it's possible. Not over favoring one emblem say like the PSI corp.

The Winner of Week 48 - Galen - gets the choice for Week 54
whitestar - ?

The Winner of Week 49 - Morden and the Shadows - gets the choice for Week 55
g_shadowslayer - ?

The Winner of Week 50 - Susan Ivanova - gets the choice for Week 56
hsapiens - Humour

The Winner of Week 51 - The Women of Babylon 5 - gets the choice for Week 57
immora - ?

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