October 8th, 2007

Harry P: Snape Map (princessbloomy)

Great Tags Post and New Members Update

We have two new members joining the Station today. Please welcome spitefairy and lilyoftheval5 :)

For the new members, I've added your names to the Great Tags Post. This means you can now enter the Challenges and vote in the Contest Icon Polls. When you decide to enter one of the Challenges, please tag the post with your Name and Subjects of the Challenge. The Great Tags Post contains the links to all the previous Challenges, Awards, Icons, Subjects and Member Names.

For all members, the Food and Drink Challenge has just started. All screencaps and information for the Challenge is located >here< .

The Voting Poll for the Women of Babylon 5 Challenge is still going on and is located >here< . Please head on over to this poll to get your vote in.

Again welcome to the new members and Happy Iconing! :)