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Week 32 - The Long Night - Results

Gold Award - crazybee

Silver Award - ninnui

Bronze Award - ruuger

Copper Award - astrophilia - TIE

Copper Award - whitestar - TIE

Tin Award happyme

Mod's Choice Award - whitestar

Congrats folks.

Thank you to everyone who did manage to vote - it was a tough choice.

I'll try to get stuck into the backlog of banners this week.

Will the lucky winner please let me know your choice of subject matter for Week 38 ;).

ruuger; I don't appear to have your choice for Week 37. :)

Week 33 - Day of the Dead is open for entries until Saturday 20th May, 11.59pm Los Angeles time. The caps are here.
Tags: challenge reminder, episodic, maintainer - _happyme_, maintainer post, results, week 32 - the long night, week 33 - day of the dead

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