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November 2011



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Filing Papers

_happyme_ in babylon5contest

Week 32 - The Long Night - Results

Gold Award - crazybee

Silver Award - ninnui

Bronze Award - ruuger

Copper Award - astrophilia - TIE

Copper Award - whitestar - TIE

Tin Award _happyme_

Mod's Choice Award - whitestar

Congrats folks.

Thank you to everyone who did manage to vote - it was a tough choice.

I'll try to get stuck into the backlog of banners this week.

Will the lucky winner please let me know your choice of subject matter for Week 38 ;).

ruuger; I don't appear to have your choice for Week 37. :)

Week 33 - Day of the Dead is open for entries until Saturday 20th May, 11.59pm Los Angeles time. The caps are here.


[info]ruuger; I don't appear to have your choice for Week 37.

Ah, sorry, meant to leave a comment but got distracted by shiny things :)

As for my choice... let's say Vir. He hasn't had his own challenge yet, has he.
No worries, just wanted to get your choice into the Forthcoming Post and ensure that I had all caps ready.

We've not had a specific Vir chllemge since Week 9.

Please let me know if there are any particular scenes/episodes you're interested in, otherwise it's pot luck as in "Ooh shiny, pretty cap of Vir".

I've been reading your entries/comments about the B5 novels. I'm at chapter 10 of the last Bester book. They seem very padded out to me. I want revelations and instead (musn't spoil anyone who might be reading this), still, I've a fair few chapters yet to read.

I do hope you'll post more book reviews.
"Ooh shiny, pretty cap of Vir" is fine with me :)

As for the B5 novels, I've been meaning to re-read them all to write proper reviews for 190 Bester Place, but my reading list is as long as my arm so I don't know when I'll get around reading them (I have loads of books in my shelf that I've bought in the last few years but haven't had time to read because of my thesis).
Congrats to the winners! Gorgeous icons!
*strikes a pose*

You know it baby

Thanks for the votes and for my first Gold Award :)

Congrates to everyone i think all the icons where greast this time round
Thankie everyone :) And congrats to the other winners and entrants. I love that Narn home world cap :)
Oooh - thank you! ^_^ Congratulations to all the other winners - I especially loved the Vir icons.
oh hell i guess that means i have to choose challenge week 38 then, jeez. Where do i put my suggestion?

Just comment with what you want and I'll update the forthcoming post.

I'm very pleased for you :)
Well you knew I've been dieing for a Gold Award on here for ages :P

Now to think up a damn contest, pfft this is gonna be hard as I just had a quick look though the others on here and they all the one sI would have picked :P

ok Challenge comming up.
How about some icons made from The Rangers film.
I can grab if needed