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November 2011



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bfly12jc in babylon5contest

week 34-- dukhat

1.  2.  3.  4.  5.

1.  text: deceived
font: Parchment

2.  text: Dukhat
font: also Parchment

3.  text: Isil'zha
font: Papyrus

4.  text: meditate
font: babylon 5

5.  text: now it starts
font: peinaud

i actually just re-watched in the beginning tonight, because i hadn't seen it in a while.  in the first icon, he's not really being deceived by the vorlons, i just thought the text fit the picture.  

and i finally found the babylon 5 font.  i'm resisting the urge to use it in every icon i make.


Wow! Is this really the same person who used to say that they weren't good at making icons??? These are awesome! Did you take a crash course in icon making? It looks like you've been learning several techniques since the last time. I'm not much into dying people icons, but I love the fonts and how you cropped 2 and 3. Excellant job :)
*blushes* thanks :) i didn't really take anything, i was just experimenting with different ways of cropping and lightening and text placement. i guess it worked :) i looked, and this batch definitely looks different than the first ones i made. so really, i have to thank all you guys who leave helpful comments!
Here's one link:

At the bottom of each font example are little symbols. There is a zipfile symbol for downloading. The other symbols are all symbols for different categories, like "TV show", Celtic, Alien etc. You can click on any of the symbols and they will take you to a different category. Or you can go back to the home page which will list all the categories I believe.
thank you so much! i'm sort of obsessed with fonts, so i'm afraid i'll get carried away, but still-- THANKS!!
I love the first one! the text definately fits and it looks great!
thanks... i wasn't sure if it worked or not, but i really liked it. normally i would lighten his face, but i thought it looked better darker. maybe i'll still lighten it, i dunno.
You have really, really improved.

Your talent in this is shining through.

Well done.
thank you :) again, i wouldn't have done it if you guys hadn't left helpful comments on what to improve. i owe it to you people :)