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Tags and the Great Tags Post

Life has been pretty hectic for me the last few months, so I've been a bit slow in updating the Tags. This post is to let everyone know that the Great Tags Post located here is now up to date with the Weekly Challenges. If you'd like to enter the Challenges but don't see your name listed under the "Members" section of the Great Tags Post, respond with your name to this post (not the Great Tags Post), and I will add you to the list.

I'd like to thank everyone who's remembering to tag their entries. You're all doing a wonderful job tagging your name and the Episodes :) It's a great help when we need to find your post quickly for the contests. Also for you or anyone else, who wants to find your icons.

Name tags, Episodes or Topics for the post, are what's most important for tagged entries. However if you remember, it would be nice if you could also tag the post with the characters in your icons. All characters are listed in the Great Tags Post. I usually follow along and check each entry made to add any forgotten tags. So if anyone forgets to add the characters, I'll add them on later.

That's it everyone, Happy Iconing! :D
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