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November 2011



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Garibaldi Chief

_happyme_ in babylon5contest

Week 44 - Garibaldi Off-Duty - Banners

Gold Award - beam_oflight

Silver Award- wychwood

Bronze Award - g_shadowslayer

Mod's Choice - aerynalexander


Saved mine, thank you, and congratulations to the other winners :)
I need your choice of B5 subject matter.
Can It be Susan Ivanova, please?
It can indeed. Yay.
Thank you! :) And congratulations to the others - I thought there were some really great icons this time around.
Got mine -- thank you! I always love the way the banners are done for this comm, carrying the icon's design into the banner. So nicely done! :D
I admit that I struggled with the colo(u)ring on yours. I should have used a nice exclusion layer. Well done.

Ooh, BTW, any ideas for Week 49?

Hee -- I used a little colouring trick I learned on mine. It's not just an exclusion layer, there's also a tannish colour set to darken, at a low opacity, underneath the exclusion layer :) It can be a really nice effect sometimes :)

For challenge 49, I'm thinking of Morden or the Shadows... or maybe both :D It's hard to get good caps of the Shadows themselves, but there's also lots of ship shots.
I used to have that lil' ski game.

Tan on darken. Me like.

Morden and the Shadows sounds cool. My associates. Hee. I have a few shots of the Shadows beings.
Is crusty skinned Morden from S4 okay to include?
Do you want ships?
Any limitations?
Crusty Morden's okay (poor thing!) and ships are great! Can't think of any limitations off the top of my head (I could be evil and say a hush challenge, but the possibility of some icons with snarky text on is too good to pass up :D)